monocoque construction

monocoque construction
konstrukcja skorupowa

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  • Monocoque — (pronounced /ˈmɒnɵkɒk/ or /ˈmɒnɵkoʊk/) is a construction technique that supports structural load by using an object s external skin, as opposed to using an internal frame or truss that is then covered with a non load bearing skin or… …   Wikipedia

  • Monocoque — Mo|no|coque [… kɔk], das; [s], s [engl. monocoque < frz. monocoque, aus: mono < griech. mónos ↑ (mono , Mono ) u. coque = Muschel, nach der Form]: spezielle Konstruktion bes. in Rennwagen, die das ↑ Chassis (1) u. den ↑ Rahmen (2) ersetzt.… …   Universal-Lexikon

  • Monocoque — Mo|no|coque [... kɔk] das; [s], s <aus gleichbed. engl. monocoque (construction)> bestimmte Schalenkonstruktion bes. in Rennwagen, die das ↑Chassis u. den Rahmen ersetzt …   Das große Fremdwörterbuch

  • monocoque — [män′ə käk΄, män′əkōk΄] adj. [Fr < mono ,MONO + coque, a shell < L coccum, scarlet berry < Gr kokkos, a seed] 1. designating or of a kind of construction, as of a rocket, in which the skin or outer shell bears all or most of the stresses …   English World dictionary

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  • monocoque — /mon euh kohk , kok /, n. 1. a type of boat, aircraft, or rocket construction in which the shell carries most of the stresses. 2. Auto. a type of vehicular construction in which the body is combined with the chassis as a single unit. adj. 3. of,… …   Universalium

  • monocoque — noun Etymology: French, from mon + coque shell, probably from Latin coccum kermes more at cocoon Date: 1913 1. a type of construction (as of a fuselage) in which the outer skin carries all or a major part of the stresses 2. a type of vehicle… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • monocoque — mo·no·coque || mÉ‘nÉ™kəʊk / mÉ’nÉ™kÉ’k n. (Automative) type of of vehicle construction in which the body is united with the frame and machinery; type of construction in which the outer layer absorbs all or most of the stress …   English contemporary dictionary

  • monocoque — [1] A design of a vehicle s body where a single shell has the engine and suspension attached to it in various places to spread the load evenly over the whole shell. Holes are cut only to install the engine and allow the driver to get into it.… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • unitized construction — A type of body construction that doesn t require a separate frame to provide structural strength or support for the car s mechanical components. A unitized body can employ monocoque construction, or it can utilize strong structural elements as an …   Dictionary of automotive terms

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